Knowing which kind of learner you are will help you make the most out of your learning time.  Scientists and psychologists have devised various ways to identify how people learn best. According to one of the most popular methods, the VAK model, students fall into one, sometimes two, of these categories: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

Understanding which category you fall into is beneficial for several reasons. You will be able to use the methods for you specifically to learn new vocabulary, which are the most efficient ways for you to study and find out which types of tests you are good at.

VISUAL learners tend to be fast talkers and as the name suggests, usually learn by seeing charts and diagrams. They often think in images and cannot focus in a noisy environment. In a classroom you’ll find them sitting at the front of the class taking very detailed notes.

Learning tips for Visual Learners:

  •           *Draw information you need to remember
  •           *Copy what’s on the board
  •           *Make lists
  •           *Colour code, highlight, underline your notes
  •           *Use flashcards to memorize vocabulary

Test heaven for Visual Learners: anything showing a process, reading maps

Test hell for Visual Learners: listening comprehension tests


AUDITORY learners tend to be very good listeners. They speak slowly and like explaining things well. They prefer to hear rather than read information. They tend to repeat things out loud in order to understand or memorise them.

Learning tips of Auditory Learners:

  •           *Use word association to remember vocabulary
  •           *Record classes and watch videos
  •           *Participate in discussions
  •           *Record notes after writing them

Test heaven for Auditory Learners: Oral exams

Test hell for Auditory Learners: Timed tests


KINAESTHETIC learners tend to be the slowest talkers.  They learn by doing and prefer a hands-on approach. When studying, they take frequent breaks and suffer from short attention spans. They like solving real-life problems.

Learning Tips for Kinaesthetic Learners:

  •           *Plan your study time, learning in short spurts
  •           *Take practical classes
  •           *Study with others
  •           *Use memory games and flashcards to memorise vocabulary

Test heaven for Kinaesthetic Learners: fill in the gaps, multiple choice

Test hell for Kinaesthetic Learners: long essays



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