Top 3 Reasons to Learn Portuguese in the Coming Year

New Year is just around the corner! New Year is not just a change in the numbers on your calendar, but it is an opportunity to begin everything afresh and change your way of life for the better. It is a time when you can bid farewell to any bad memories or lost opportunities from the previous year and move ahead in life.

If you believe in the notion of new beginnings and fresh starts, then New Year is the right time to embrace a change that will add more positivity and value in your life. For those who wish to improve their knowledge and world view then an ideal New Year resolution would be to learn Portuguese. This western romance language developed over 2,000 years ago — in the 3rd century BC and is the native language or Portugal and Brazil and is spoken in many other parts of the world. It is loved globally for its mellifluous accent, rich range of vowel sounds and honey-smooth tone. Here are our top three practical reasons for learning Portuguese in the New Year.

  • Portuguese is One of the Widest Spoken Languages of the World

Portuguese is the sixth most natively spoken language in the world and the world’s second most spoken romantic languages (after Spanish). It is widely spoken in 11 countries on 4 continents (Europe, South America, Asia and Africa) by over 230 million people. If you are about to travel or stay in a Portuguese-speaking land, then you should certainly think to get in touch with an expert Portugese tutor in London who will help you comprehend and learn the vital Portuguese grammar, vocabulary, dictionary, useful phrases and sentence structures.

  • Travel to Brazil

Brazil has faced a lot of economic problems in recent years but it is a wonderful country to visit. Whether you want to bathe on Copacabana under the gaze of Christ the Redeemer or see one of the great wonders of the world – the Iguaçu Falls – Brazil has so much to offer. While many people in the tourist areas speak English, when you get off the beaten track you’ll find that you’ll need some basic Portuguese to get by.

  • Portuguese is Easy to Learn

Compared with many other languages Portuguese is relatively easy to learn. No language is easy but native English speakers tend to take to Portuguese quite well. Whether you are learning for pleasure or business learning Portuguese will equip you with a fantastic skill which will not only help you communicate but will look great on your CV. If you are a complete beginner, simply connect with an experienced Portuguese tutor in London and start-off a journey that will bear fruits in long run.

Convinced much to learn Portuguese?

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