Too old to learn a language?

At The Language Machine, we have found that the number of mature students taking up a language is on the increase.

Despite the traditional view of the difficulties associated with learning a language later in life, more and more people are taking languages as a hobby as it can be both useful and fun. The amount of students spending time abroad or planning to move to a foreign country has risen significantly in the last few years, meaning that more people are becoming interested in learning new languages to be able to make the most out of their experience on holiday or their permanent move.

But it doesn’t stop here researchers at Edinburgh University who carried out a study with Alzheimer’s patients in Hyderabad (India) found out that bilinguals developed the illness by an average of four and a half years later than monolinguals.

Learning and speaking a foreign language seems to utilize different brain regions as well as using different mental processes which means is a good way of exercising your brain at any age.

Would you like to start learning a language? Having private tuition means you can learn at your own pace in place of choice at a time that suits you. The Language Machine offers foreign language tuition from the best tutors.

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