On Line Learning

Is learning a language on-line the right option for you?

Here are some of the advantages of learning your language of choice online with us:

  • Native, qualified tutors
  • Convenience: choose your time and your tutor will be with you at the click of a button
  • Learn anywhere with an internet connection. You can take the lesson to wherever you are
  • eLearning can support different learning styles and use a variety of activities
  • Direct access to on-line multimedia materials
  • Students can record lessons and go over them as many times as they wish to consolidate their learning. No need to take notes!
  • At The Language Machine we work with a number of professional tutors who are available to teach on-line.

Give us a ring on 0845 094 1866/e-mail enquiries@thelanguagemachine.co.uk to book your on-line tutor with us.

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