15 Great Online Resources to Learn French

We’ve put together a list of some our favourite online resources to help you learn French. There’s a good mix of sites to help with grammar, speaking, reading and writing. Some of our private French students often ask how they can continue to improve their French outside of their private French lessons. Our best advice is to try and immerse yourself as much as possible in the language. Watch French films, listen to French radio and embrace the wide variety of novel online learning resources now available.

(1) BBC French: Stacks of materials for beginners right through to advanced speakers. Grammar, audio, videos and a lot more.

(2) Bonjour de France: Lots of exercises albeit amid quite a few adverts.

(3) Duolingo:  Probably the best free language learning app out there. Practise grammar, reading, speaking all from your phone, tablet or PC. Free forever — apparently.

(4) French Crazy: Great resource stuffed full of all things French.

(5) University of Texas: Award winning online French course

(6) TV5: Videos, exercises, dictionaries and all sorts of great content from the French TV channel.

(7) Forvo: Recordings of French words to help with pronunciation.

(8) LangMedia: Videos produced by students including transcriptions. A really great resource.

(9) French Listening: Lots of French listening exercises with transcripts.

(10) University of Sussex: A link to another links page but very worth it. Lots of multimedia content.

(11) BonPatron: French Grammar and spelling checker.

(12) Zut!: Lots of interactive exercises for French learners

(13) French Assistant: Learn French online with… monkeys!?

(14) Bescherelle: Verb tense guides, games, grammar quizzes.

(15) Didier Accord: A veritable mine of exercises.

All these learning resources are great to help you master the French language. If you need a French tutor in London or the UK then The Language Machine specialises in language tuition at your home or office. Fully qualified native tutors ready to help you learn French.



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