15 Great Online Resources to Learn Spanish

Whether you want to speak, read or write Spanish take a look at our list of 15 online resources to help you learn Spanish. They are all excellent to supplement one of our private Spanish tuition courses — the more you immerse yourself in the language the better.

(1) Duolingo: One of the best free resources out there. Use on a PC, tablet or on your phone. Start off by taking a level test and then content is tuned to your level. Practise speaking, reading and listening in an interactive environment. If you’re taking lessons with a private Spanish tutor once or twice a week this is a great resource to boost vocabulary and practise pronunciation.

(2) Spanish Obsessed: Loads of great podcasts aimed at all different levels.

(3) Audiria: Lots of podcasts with transcripts as well as other vocabulary learning resources.

(4) The Spanish Blog: Great resource for beginners with lots of free lessons.

(5) Mi Vida Loca: BBC online series which is essentially an interactive video and Spanish course rolled into one.

(6) Radio Ambulante: Latin American Spanish audio with transcriptions in Spanish and English.

(7) Extra: Sitcom type show a la Friends made to help you learn Spanish.

(8) En Rumbo: For intermediate learners. Podcasts to go along with the Open University Spanish course.

(9) Destinos: Mystery drama to help Spanish learners

(10) Spanish Listening: Great resources with hundreds of Spanish speakers from all over the world along with transcripts and vocabulary scripts.

(11) Easy Spanish: You Tube site with various videos to help you learn Spanish

(12) Study Spanish: Been around for ages and still a good resource for Spanish grammar. Lots of free stuff but also payable.

(13) University of Texas: Lots of Spanish proficiency exercises with videos, podcasts.

(14) Senor Jordan: You Tube videos to help you learn Spanish

(15) 5 Minute Spanish: Lots of audio and video podcasts to improve your Spanish

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