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Spanish Tutor in London



Whether you need a South American Spanish tutor in London or one from mainland Spain we can arrange for you to start lessons in no time at all wherever you are in the UK.

If you are looking to learn Spanish from highly experienced, qualified native-level speakers, The Language Machine can help you arrange a private Spanish tutor in london anywhere in UK. Whether you want to learn for pleasure or business, one of our teachers, who are all qualified to teach Spanish, can provide a course of Spanish lessons in London at an affordable price.

Free introductory lesson

We offer all students a free 20 minute introductory lesson/assessment with their tutor. This online meeting is an opportunity to get to know your tutor before you start and for them to gauge your level and find out about your learning motivation. Book Now


At The Language Machine, we are committed to providing you with a professional teacher who will be able to get you speaking in a short space of time. Our private Spanish lessons are completely flexible – your Spanish tutor can travel to your home, office, or other location and you can have Spanish lessons at the times and days you want.

Learn Spanish on your own or with a group of friends or colleagues, the choice is yours. We can usually get most students started in around a week, or more quickly if your request for Spanish lessons is urgent. All classes are taught by qualified, native Spanish trainers and can be arranged at your office or home for any day of the week (including weekends) in the morning, afternoon or evening.

What Can You Expect from our teachers

To ensure a high quality learning environment for students who want to have Spanish lessons on London, we carefully select teachers who have years of experience in teaching Spanish. Our Spanish teachers can help individuals from beginner to advanced level by developing an individual course based on your learning style, ability and availability.

Your Spanish tutor in london will:

  • Understand your learning needs and develop a course plan
  • Develop your ability to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish
  • Help you learn Spanish for business, pleasure, GCSE or A-level or other qualification
  • Focus on improving conversational skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.
  • Efficiently explain Spanish grammar topics
  • Provide friendly guidance using a large range of useful learning materials

If you want to learn from a professional Spanish tutor in London who can help you make progress quickly through effective weekly Spanish Lessons, then please get in touch with our team today.


pay as you go tuition

No need for individuals to purchase a large block of lessons. Our state of the art online system allows us to take payment for lessons quickly and easily as they are taken. More About Payment

qualified experienced tutors

We are proud to collaborate with a team of professional tutors who are dedicated to teaching their native tongue. We make sure we select the most likeable, personable and professional language tutors. Meet Our Tutors


All language courses are available to take either 1-to-1 or in a group with friends or colleagues. Typically most courses involve taking one or more lessons per week.












General spanish courses

A general Spanish course provides an all-round knowledge of the language, focusing on the four key elements of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Your Spanish tutor in London can tailor your spanish lessons in london to focus on any or all of these areas. Your tutor will focus on developing your skills in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and understanding whatever your level. Depending on your level you will learn by addressing various topics and themes including greetings, dates and times, nationalities, asking and giving personal information, expressing intentions, interests and hobbies, family and food & drink. The aim is to build up a comprehensive knowledge of the Spanish language to help you to master fluency and accuracy. While the style and content of all course can be tailored to suit your exact needs tutors typically adopt a communicative approach focusing on interaction in Spanish as much as possible during the study course.

Learn More About General Language Tuition

HOLIDAY Spanish Courses

A holiday or survival Spanish course will enable you to get by whether you are holidaying in Spain or trekking in Peru. While a general course will teach students the various building blocks to enable them to eventually reach fluency, holiday Spanish lessons in london are focused on arming the traveller with enough knowledge to help them converse with locals in typical situations they will find themselves in when abroad. The beauty of being taught by a private Spanish tutor in London is that they can tailor your course to your exact needs. A typical holiday Spanish program, though, will focus on the following areas; asking and giving personal information; asking for directions; booking a hotel room or a restaurant; ordering food and drinks; shopping and buying tickets and travel.

For a complete beginner in Spanish we recommend a minimum of 8-12 hours of lessons on a 1-to-1 basis to learn some basic vocabulary and pronunciation but courses can be tailored to any length according to students’ needs.

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ONLINE spanish courses

Online Spanish lessons are ideal for those students who for one reason or another are unable to have face-to-face tuition or for business executives who are travelling a lot and enjoy the convenience that online lessons bring. Typically most of the online Spanish tuition we provide is via Skype which provides an excellent platform to have classes over the internet. A growing number of our students are now studying Spanish online or combining online with face-to-face Spanish lessons. Our online Spanish tutors can use a variety of sources when teaching online including screen sharing of resources and using a whiteboard.

Learn More About Online Language Tuition

intensive spanish lessons in london

A typical general Spanish course will involve taking 1 or 2 lessons per week of an hour or an hour and a half and learning over the long-term. In contrast an intensive Spanish course involves studying over a shorter period of time and often in longer sessions. Intensive Spanish courses in London or the UK are ideal for students who either have little time to learn the language before they need to use it or for students who need to refresh their language skills ahead of a holiday or important business meeting. Typically intensive Spanish lessons in London or other location in the UK would involve take 2 to 3 hours of tuition three or more times per week. Courses can be tailored to your exact needs and we have arranged tuition for numerous students with various different aims.

Learn More About Intensive Language Courses


The Language Machine arranges bespoke in-company Spanish language courses and cultural awareness training for business.

Your reasons for learning Spanish will vary, but in business an understanding of different cultural manners and nuances as well as an ability to converse with your customers is equally important. We’re also keenly aware that business students have busy schedules, so our Spanish language courses are deliberately flexible allowing training sessions to be scheduled at the most convenient times.

Your tutor will deliver a highly effective language course focused on your individual needs, whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced student.

Before embarking on Spanish lessons in London we’ll analyse your precise training needs and goals and gather essential information regarding your current competence, level and background. Typical Spanish courses focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as developing any relevant specialist vocabulary.

We are proud to collaborate with a team of highly professional and efficient language Spanish language trainers . Their academic and professional backgrounds are varied and include business and finance, law, education, journalism, art, translation and many more.

They are specialists in teaching their mother tongue and have been instructed in the use of modern teaching techniques to deliver private language courses  in an effective way.

It’s this language course flexibility coupled with the relevant commercial experience and quality of all our Spanish tutors in London, that results in quick and effective learning for business Spanish users.

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GCSE/A-Level Spanish Tuition

Whether you are currently studying your GCSE Spanish or AS/A-Level Spanish at school or as a private candidate, taking lessons with a private tutor in London will give you that extra boost you need to pass with flying colours.

Most GCSE and A-Level students tend to be learning in a large class, which usually means they don’t get much chance to speak or practise their Spanish. Private tuition on your own, or with friends or classmates in a small group, means the tutor can spend more time with you and answer your individual needs.

Your Spanish tutor will not only help you pass the exams successfully, but will help you enjoy and get the most out of your learning experience. They’ll be able to compliment any existing tuition you might be doing and can help with homework and address specific weaknesses.

A private tutor will be able to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses and tailor the tuition to suit. This may involve improving fluency when speaking or helping to develop written skills. Not only will this help students pass exams successfully, but your tutor will make the learning experience enjoyable.

Tutors will prepare you thoroughly for both written and oral exams. They’ll use both traditional grammar based exercises and communicative techniques to help students speak more fluently and grow in confidence with verbal skills.

We always allocate a tutor that best suits individual students. We are especially aware of the needs of students studying for their GCSE and A-Level Spanish exams and do our best to find the ideal approach and methodology for each specific case.

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Spanish Lessons For Children

Our Spanish tutors in London have taught hundreds of children Spanish. Often parents have moved from Spain or Latin America and want their children to continue learning the language. Other parents know how valuable it is for children to learn a second language and realise that starting them young gives them the best opportunity to learn. Young children have an incredible ability to absorb and retain what looks like amazing amounts of new information. Parents often wonder how their kids can remember events that took a place long time ago or words that were only mentioned once in a conversation.

The early stages of second language learning, like with their first language, comes from listening and speaking, so special emphasis will be placed on encouraging listening and conversation. Your tutor will ensure they obtain the correct pronunciation of different sounds, ensuring a good base for the future progression in Spanish.

By providing them with a stimulating and fun environment and a well thought out and structured programme, children acquire a new language the same way they learnt their mother tongue: through play and fun in a relaxed, happy atmosphere.

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Lingo Lunch Hour

Our Lingo Lunch Hour spanish lessons in london are designed for colleagues at work who want to do something a bit different in their lunch hour. One of our native Spanish tutors can deliver a tailored Spanish course during your lunch break. Bring along some Spanish tapas to really get in the mood! Whether you want to learn for pleasure or learn some business Spanish then we can provide lessons at your company whether you are in London or another location in the UK.

Lingo Lunch Hour groups tend to be from 4 to 10 students with lessons once or twice per week.

They are fantastic team building exercise and also a great staff incentive. So much so that you might be able to persuade your company to pay for your tuition in full!

We’ve taught courses at numerous organisations including the Financial Services Authority, ThyssenKrupp, Vodafone, EMAP, and the Office for National Statistics.

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