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Italian Tutor in London



If you are planning to learn Italian, then we have the right teacher for you. The Language Machine has been helping individuals and companies who want to learn Italian for more than 15 years. Whether you want to find an Italian tutor in London or elsewhere in the UK we can help. Our community of expert native Italian-speaking teachers have years of experience in guiding students of all levels and can customise a course of Italian lessons to your particular needs.

Free introductory lesson

We offer all students a free 20 minute introductory lesson/assessment with their tutor. This online meeting is an opportunity to get to know your tutor before you start and for them to gauge your level and find out about your learning motivation. Book Now


Private Italian lessons in London or the UK will help you learn the language quickly. The language Machine has a strong track record in helping language learners, with our knowledgeable team of Italian tutors who have helped teach beginners, intermediate and advanced level students.

The great benefit of private tuition is its flexibility, allowing students to have Italian lessons when they want each week. Your Italian tutor can travel to your home or office or in some cases we may be able to arrange for you to take Italian lessons at your tutor’s home or other suitable location. You can have your lessons in the morning time, afternoon, evening or even at weekends, as is your preference. Our teachers start with understanding the learning objectives of the student and the amount of time they can dedicate, after which they structure a tailored course plan to aid your learning.

What TO Expect from our ITALIAN teachers

Our teachers help you learn Italian at your own pace in a one-to-one environment typically at your home or office. We have Italian tutor in london or throughout the UK and can organise tuition for GCSE or A-level, right up to business level and advanced tuition. With us, you can find the most experienced Italian tutor in London or throughout the UK to:

  • Help you speak fluently and confidently in Italian
  • Use the most efficient learning materials (e.g. books, music, videos)
  • Work on your vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading, speaking, listening and writing skills
  • Design and customise lessons as per your individual learning goals

If you want to book an Italian tutor in London or anywhere else in the UK get private lessons then do not hesitate to get in touch using the link below or call us on 0207 139 8609.


pay as you go tuition

No need for individuals to purchase a large block of lessons. Our state of the art online system allows us to take payment for lessons quickly and easily as they are taken. More About Payment

qualified experienced tutors

We are proud to collaborate with a team of professional tutors who are dedicated to teaching their native tongue. We make sure we select the most likeable, personable and professional language tutors. Meet Our Tutors


All language courses are available to take either 1-to-1 or in a group with friends or colleagues. Typically most courses involve taking one or more lessons per week.












General italian courses

A general course will teach you all the building blocks of the Italian language and is perfect for pupils who want to learn the language for the medium- to long-term. Your tutor will develop your skills in Speaking, listening, writing and reading to improve your fluency and confidence when speaking the Italian language. As with all our private language courses there is total flexibility with the course so that students can focus on areas that are more important to them or where there weaknesses are. Your Italian tutor will develop a custom course that is modelled to your needs.

General Italian courses can be taken whatever level of Italian you have from beginner to advanced students. A typical beginner Italian course will teach topics including; the alphabet; greetings; giving and asking for personal information; nouns and gender; present tense verbs; and ordering in a bar or restaurant.

Learn More About General Language Tuition

HOLIDAY italian Courses

If you’re going on holiday to Italy then a holiday or survival Italian course is ideal for you. Holiday Italian tuition will give you just enough Italian to help you get by while your away on your travels. A general Italian course will teach you the building blocks of the Italian language but a holiday course will focus on phrases and words to help holidaymakers be understood in typical holiday situations. For example the typical themes covered include; greetings; ordering food and drinks; buying travel tickets; reserving accommodation; booking restaurants; shopping and asking for directions.

Holiday Italian lessons can be taken at your home or office for either one student or a group of students. Private tuition means that the course can be tailored to your exact needs allowing you to focus on those areas you feel are most important to you. Typical course lengths are between 8 and 12 hours of tuition on a 1-to-1 basis.

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ONLINE italian courses

Online Italian lessons in london are an excellent alternative to having face-to-face tuition. Skype provides a great platform for the lessons allowing your tutor to share materials, use a whiteboard or use a variety of online learning resources.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to arrange face-to-face tuition then we can always ensure that one of our qualified and experienced Italian tutors can teach you online. Some students also take a combination of face-to-face and online lessons as well something which is very popular for business students.

Learn More About Online Language Tuition

intensive italian courses in London

Intensive Italian lessons in london are ideal for those students who need to learn a language or refresh their current language skills in a relatively short space of time. You might be moving to Tuscany in a few months or have an important business meeting in Genoa in a fortnight.

All intensive courses can be tailored to students’ exact needs and can be delivered at your home or office. A typical course might involve taking one lesson every day right through to having lessons for 4 or 5 hours per day over a period of time.

By immersing students in Italian they can make rapid progress in a short space of time.

Learn More About Intensive Language Courses


An Italian business language course will encompass many of the elements learned in a general language course but there will also be a particular focus on learning specific business vocabulary and an emphasis on cultural training as well. Greeting a new business partner in the correct manner can go a long way to clinching that business deal!

Before starting your Italian lessons in London or elsewhere in the UK you’ll be assessed to find out any specific goals you want to achieve and to find out more about why you are learning. Your tutor can then draw up a course plan and advise on how many hours tuition per week you are likely to need and for how long. Our flexible approach to tuition means that you can either increase or decrease the intensity of tuition during your course allowing you to perhaps increase classes ahead of an important overseas trip for example.

During the tuition course your tutor can help you to draw up glossaries to record specific business terminology in your sector to improve your fluency and help you communicate effectively.

All of our Italian language trainers are native speakers and professionally trained to teach their language. They are selected not just because they have excellent teaching skills but also for their level of professionalism and efficiency.

Conducting business overseas is not just about speaking the language but also knowing what is expected and what to expect. Cultural awareness is as vital in the business world as knowing the language and our tutors are well placed to guide you through the cultural maze.

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GCSE/A-Level italian Tuition

The Language Machine has tutors specialised in tutoring students who are studying for either a GCSE Italian or A-Level Italian exam. Languages are one of the most difficult subjects to study at these levels and one key issue is that students don’t get enough time to speak naturally in Italian. One-to-one tuition with a qualified Italian tutor in London or wherever you’re based gives the student time to build confidence and perfect their fluency in Italian.

Your Italian tutor will be able to address any weak spots you might have and help you to prepare for exams, both written and oral.

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italian Lessons For Children

Children pick up languages incredibly quickly and are best taught from a young age. They acquire a new language as they did their mother tongue through play and total immersion in the language. We have Italian tutors who are specialised in teaching all ages of children from as young a three up to those studying for exams. Depending on the age of the pupil lessons are highly interactive and will use a range of play and games to encourage students to speak and listen.

We can arrange for an Italian teacher to tutor your children at your home in London or any other location throughout the UK.

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Lingo Lunch Hour

If you’re looking for something a little different to do in your lunch break then we have the perfect solution for you — learn Italian! Our Lingo Lunch Hour courses can be either short- or long-term and tailored to your needs. Either learn for pleasure or mix in some business Italian as well. The classes are an excellent staff incentive and team building exercise and you might even be able to convince your company that they should fund the lessons!

We’re run these Italian lessons in London and other UK locations in numerous companies including EMAP, Vodafone and the Financial Conduct Authority.

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