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Chinese Tutor in London



Want to learn and speak Mandarin fluently for pleasure, business or help gain a qualification?

Mandarin is recognised as being one of the hardest languages to learn, but with one of our qualified and experienced Chinese tutors can help you get to grips with this increasingly popular language to learn. Our tutors will teach you key language concepts including basic sounds, pinyin, vocabulary and the structure of the language enabling students to progress quickly.

Free introductory lesson

We offer all students a free 20 minute introductory lesson/assessment with their tutor. This online meeting is an opportunity to get to know your tutor before you start and for them to gauge your level and find out about your learning motivation. Book Now


The Language Machine specialise in arranging tuition with professional and passionate teachers who provide Chinese lessons in London for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced learners. Wherever you are in the UK, we can arrange for a qualified and experienced native Chinese tutor to teach you. Your Chinese tutor in london will travel to your home or office at the times and days you want, 7 days a week. With us, you can find a Chinese tutor in London or anywhere in the UK who can help you study General Mandarin for English speakers, Business Mandarin, Tourist Mandarin, HSK Preparation and any other academic Chinese language exam. Our teachers ensure that they’ll deliver quality tuition to enable you to start speaking quickly.

What Can You Expect from our CHINESE teachers

We are dedicated to helping students master their chosen language and while mastering mandarin involves a steep learning curve it is incredibly rewarding. Our tutors offer intelligent, dynamic tuition with a flexible timetable, all at reasonable fees.

  • Understand your specific needs and goals of learning Mandarin
  • Follow a relaxed, unique and systematic way of teaching Mandarin
  • Build a solid foundation in the pronunciations and tones
  • Explain complicated grammar points
  • Teach speaking, essential everyday language basics, and Chinese writing

If you are keen to learn Chinese and want to learn with qualified Chinese tutors in London and the UK then get in touch with us. 


pay as you go tuition

No need for individuals to purchase a large block of lessons. Our state of the art online system allows us to take payment for lessons quickly and easily as they are taken. More About Payment

qualified experienced tutors

We are proud to collaborate with a team of professional tutors who are dedicated to teaching their native tongue. We make sure we select the most likeable, personable and professional language tutors. Meet Our Tutors


All language courses are available to take either 1-to-1 or in a group with friends or colleagues. Typically most courses involve taking one or more lessons per week.












General CHINESE courses

A general Chinese course will teach you the fundamental building blocks of the Mandarin language. It is the ideal course if you’re looking to learn the language for the long-term as opposed to learning some basic phrases to get by as on our holiday Chinese course below. A general Chinese language course will teach you how to speak, listen, read and write, although as with all our courses there is significant flexibility. This means that if you want to concentrate on spoken Mandarin then this is possible.

General Chinese lessons in London can be taught at all levels from beginners to advanced level students. Mandarin Chinese is a difficult language to get to grips with but our team of qualified, professional and native tutors are experts in their field and will get you communicating quickly.

Learn More About General Language Tuition


If you are planning a trip to China and want to learn enough Mandarin Chinese to get by then a holiday Chinese course is perfect for you. In contrast to a long-term general course, a short survival course aims to teach you some basic vocabulary and phrases to help you be understood in typical holiday situations. These include; meeting people; ordering food and drinks; booking transportation; reserving hotels; asking for directions; and shopping.

A typical Chinese holiday course last between 12-16 hours for 1-to-1 tuition although all courses can be tailored to your exact needs by your tutor.

Learn More About Tourist Language Courses


Learning German online has become increasingly popular in recent years with platforms such as Skype providing an ideal way to teach remotely. Your German tutor will be able to draw on a variety of internet resources to help with the lessons as well as use an online whiteboard.

Many students blend both online Chinese lessons in London with face-to-face tuition. This is particularly useful if you travel a lot but don’t want to miss your regular weekly German lessons.

Learn More About Online Language Tuition

intensive CHINESE courses in London

An intensive Mandarin Chinese lessons in London will help you to learn the language quickly. It’s ideal for beginners who want to get a head start or for more experienced learners who are looking to expand their knowledge. If you’re moving to Beijing in a few months or have an important meeting in Shanghai then learning intensively could be the best route for you.

Intensive Chinese tutor in london can be tailored to meet your needs and we’ll assess how much tuition you need before you begin your course. Intensive courses vary a lot with some students taking a 1 or 2 hour lesson each day for a few weeks or months to others cramming 3 or more hours a day.

Learn More About Intensive Language Courses


Depending on your level then much of what is covered in a general Chinese course will also be taught on a business course. The key difference, though, is that there is a much greater focus on business related topics. Conducting business in China often requires speakers to know specific business terminology and, importantly in China, specific way of doing things. This cultural awareness training is of great importance when learning business Chinese and will help you to not offend anyone and hopefully secure that big business deal.

At the beginning of your Chinese lessons in London or other location we’ll assess your current language level and we’ll also want to know what your motivation for learning is and whether you have any particular goals. Armed with this information your tutor can build a mandarin course tailored to your needs and estimate how long it will last. Courses are completely flexible so you can take fewer or more lessons when needed.

All of our Chinese language tutors in London are qualified and professional teachers and native speakers.

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GCSE/A-Level CHINESE Tuition

Learning Mandarin Chinese at school is becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that it is one of the more challenging subjects students can opt for. Students benefit greatly from the 1-to-1 tuition private tutoring gives them, allowing them time to speak the language and get to grips with understanding it as well. Unfortunately, time speaking in the classroom can be limited with students not getting enought exposure to the Chinese language.

Our specialised GCSE Chinese tutor in london and A-level Chinese tutors will be able to help your child to perform to the best of their ability and achieve higher grades. Whether you need a Chinese tutor in London or Chinese tutor in another part of the country we can arrange for home Chinese tuition for your child.

Learn More About Academic Language Tuition

CHINESE Lessons For Children

Children are like sponges and can pick up languages very quickly when they are young. We have Chinese tutor in london specialised in tutoring both younger children and those studying for exams such as GCSEs or A-levels. Younger learners benefit from learning in a natural way as they did their mother tongue, through a variety of play and interaction. Your Chinese tutor will travel to you wherever you are based and lessons take place in the comfort of your own home.

Learn More About Language Classes for Children

Lingo Lunch Hour

No more going Al-Desko! Do something interesting at lunchtime like learn Chinese. Our Lingo Lunch Hour courses are great for groups of colleagues to get together and learn a new language. Courses typically run in 12-week blocks but they can be tailored to whatever your specific needs are. Learn for pleasure or throw in a bit of business — the choice is yours.

They are great for team building and a superb staff incentive which means your company might actually pay for you to learn.

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