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All Portuguese tutors can teach beginners through to advanced students for either business, pleasure, GCSE and A-level.


We can organise for a Portuguese tutor to teach you at your home or office at a time and day of your choosing. We can sometimes also arrange for you to travel to your tutor’s home or other suitable location wherever you are in the UK.


You can learn Portuguese on your own or with a group of friends or colleagues and choose either a Brazilian Portuguese tutor or a teacher from Portugal.


Can’t wait to start speaking the Portuguese lingo? Fill in our booking form or give us a call and you can begin lesson with your Portuguese tutor in no time. We aim to get most students started in around a week or sooner for urgent requests.


Types of Portuguese Courses


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Portuguese Tutors in London: Course Types


General Portuguese Courses

This is an ideal course if you're looking to learn the Portuguese language for the long-term, in contrast to learning some basic phrases to get by as on our holiday Portuguese course below. A general Portuguese course will being from first principles and teach you all the building blocks to help you learn to speak, listen, read and write Portuguese. Courses are completely flexible so a particular focus can be place on speaking Portuguese for example.


General Portuguese lessons in London are for all levels from beginners to advanced level pupils. We also have tutors from both Portugal and Brazil meaning that if you have a specific preference to learn Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese we can arrange this.


Portuguese Business Language Courses

A Portuguese business language course will encompass much of what is taught on a general course, but will also include specific business language phrases, terminology and topics. Also taught are the various cultural differences that should be considered when conducting business in a Portuguese speaking country such as Portugal or Brazil. Specific cultural awareness training is important for business people and will help you to negotiate better and learn how to please rather than offend business contacts.


We have business Portuguese tutors in London and throughout the UK from both Portugal and Brazil. So wherever you are doing business we can allocate a tutor who will be able to ensure you’re understand clearly.


Holiday Portuguese Lessons

Heading to Brazil, Portugal or one of the African Portuguese speaking countries on holiday? Our holiday Portuguese courses are ideal for those who want to learn some basic phrases to help them get by on their travels. Courses can be tailored to students’ exact needs but the focus is typically on topics such as; ordering food and drinks; arranging travel; shopping; directions and meeting people.


A typical Portuguese holiday course lasts between 12-16 hours for 1-to-1 tuition. All Portuguese tuition in London or anywhere in the UK can be tailored to your exact needs by your tutor.


We have Portuguese tutors from both Portugal, Brazil and parts of Africa.


Intensive Portuguese Tuition in London or the UK

An intensive Portuguese language course is a great way to learn the language quickly. It’s an excellent way for beginners to start learning Portuguese and also a great way for more experienced learners to refresh their knowledge. You might be relocating to Lisbon in a few months, travelling to Brazil soon or have an important business meeting in Angola in the near future. An intensive Portuguese course is ideal in any of these typical siuations.


Intensive European or Brazilian Portugese lessons in London or other areas across the country can be tailored to your exact needs and we’ll assess your current level and training needs before starting your course. Intensive Portuguese courses are completely flexible and vary from students taking a few hours every day for a month to others learning for example three times per week for a couple of hours each time. We can advise on the ideal intensity for your particular needs.



Online Portuguese Tutor

If you prefer to learn online then we can arrange online Portuguese lessons at a time convenient to you. Your online Portuguese tutor will be able to use a wide variety of online resources and a whiteboard and will typically use Skype for the sessions which has proved to be a highly effective platform for learning.


Some students blend face-to-face tuition with online learning which is particularly useful if you are travelling a lot but don’t want to miss out on your regular language lessons.



GCSE/A-Level Portuguese Tutor

If you are taking either a GCSE or A-Level in Portuguese then we have specialist tutors who will be able to help you achieve the highest grades. Students benefit enormously from private Portuguese tutoring in London or anywhere else in the country, as it gives them time to speak and listen far more than in a classroom situation.


Lessons can be arranged at a time suitable for your child and your Portuguese tutor will come to your home to teach them in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Portuguese Lessons for Children

Children pick up languages incredibly fast and learn a second language in the same way they did their first language through play and interaction. We have specialist European and Brazilian Portuguese tutors for children who can get them speaking and interacting in Portuguese in a fun and friendly way. Your Portuguese tutor will travel to you wherever you are based and lessons take place in the comfort of your own home.


Lingo Lunch Hour

Bored of eating a sandwich at your desk at lunchtime? Our Lingo Lunch Hour courses are an ideal way of learning Portuguese or another language with your colleagues. You can learn Portuguese for pleasure or business and courses are typically in 12 week blocks but they can be tailored to fit in with your exact needs.


These courses are brilliant for team building and are also an excellent staff incentive and help to increase productivity. Inasmuch you might be able to persuade your company to pay for your lessons!


We've run these language courses at all sorts of companies including the FCS, EMAP and Vodafone.

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